Four four four four loko!

I'm watching in amusement as attempts are made to ban Four Loko, because some dumbasses get wasted on it and do stupid things that they could just as easily do with rum and cokes.

Over on Universal Hub, Kaz suggested that someone needs to make a Warhol out of Four Loko. Not being one to resist a Photoshop urge, this intrigued me. Sure, I could have duotoned up some cans in da shop and changed each one to a different pair of pop-art colors using the levels feature, but that would be too much like work. So first I googled "Warhol maker." There are a few, but they require downloading and installing things, and again, the work factor.

So I tried a really low-tech option and got some surprisingly fun results.

Photobooth, in all its glory, has a filter that makes Warhol-type images ("pop art,") but of course can only be applied in real-time to things shot with the built-in camera, because that's the point of Photobooth. So what I did was to search for images of Four Loko on the iPhone, hold the iPhone up to the MacBook, and shoot it that way.

Just the can, man

Some crazy dude I found

This one involved a quick 'shopping


Jodie said...

It's not "just as easy" to get wasted on Rum and coke- you'd have to have four of them to equal one four loco. The dumbasses who are getting wasted tend to be underage kids who don't get/don't care that there's way more alcohol in these than in your average beer or other drink. So maybe the approach to take would be better enforcement of existing laws and tougher penalties to those who sell to/distribute these to minors, but it's not "just as easy" to get wasted on rum and coke. Most people can't pour rum down their throats the way they can with this stuff as a matter of palatability. And it's got more than twice (nearly three times) the amount of caffeine as an equivalent amount of coke.

eeka said...

Yeah, this is all true. Blaming the product just doesn't seem like the right approach. It seems like the places with low rates of alcohol-related stupidity are either places where it's completely forbidden or where everyone has been taught all their lives that it's enjoyed in moderation by adults out in the open rather than abused/glorified in semi-secret.