Her son is gay. Or not.

This is really inspiring, and also discouraging. It's pretty shocking to me really that people (other than the crazy far right-wingers who are afraid of everything making them/their kids/their spouses/random strangers gay) would have any sort of feelings about a Halloween costume that expresses a different gender than the person's usual identity. Um, it's a day when you dress up as someone different from yourself. It wouldn't have occurred to me that there were limits to this.

Besides, there are some much more disturbing and offensive Halloween costumes to worry about.


Amey Owen said...

I completely agree, this story is up-lifting, but at the same time speaks to how far our society needs to come. The mother makes a good point when she says no one would be making a scene if a little girl wanted to dress as Batman. People need to look past genders and into what makes people, people.

fenwayguy said...

Great post, thanks for the link. It IS getting better, although homophobia still wields far too much power -- see some of the comments for that unfortunate reality check.

(As of the moment, there are 15,820 comments? What the hey? Popular blog!)