People, Freecycle isn't a concierge service!

I offered a futon on Freecycle, just the futon, and now I have all these people asking if I would please please give them the nonexistent frame too, if I could tell them where to get a frame so they can decide whether they want it, and if I can take pics alongside a measuring tape.

Really? It's free. If you take it and it doesn't work, Freecycle it again.


massmarrier said...

We had some things we figured people would jump to get — including a washing machine and an upright piano, both in fine shape. Folk would call, all excited and eager, and then ask when we could deliver one or the other to them. Double duh.

Anonymous said...

I really get amused at the stuff people ask for in the "wanted" section lol

Steve Giardini
Weymouth, Ma.