Someone found a use for all those unsolicited yellow phone books

Spotted in an apartment building in Dorchester.


Melissa Curran said...

I'm glad to see someone finally using them, I guess. They seem completely pointless these days. I only look up phone numbers online. I don't think I've used a physical phone book for over a decade.

misterbrick said...

eeka said...

Misterbrick, are you and the others who post this every time there's a discussion of phonebooks hired by them or something? Because the site itself states that it doesn't actually work:

"Alert: Directory publishers listed on this site generally do not accept opt-out requests from third parties or websites proclaiming to submit such requests on your behalf. Please protect your personal information by using this website to work directly with the directory publishers."

So basically it's a parking page to make money through our pageviews. Yay?