Trader Joe's soy chorizo is delicious


serotta_nyc said...

I agree! I discoverd it as we finally got TJ’s in NYC. I a not a vegetarian but I’ve found this is as good as meat. Its a product where if you don’t tell someone, “this is vegetarian, not meat” they would never know...and I’ve tested this out on a few people. Its very tasty stuff, and you can use it many different ways. Its similar to “mexican chorizo”, which is crumbly, not “spanish chorizo” which is firmer and more like a real sausage. I like it in tacos, quesilladillas, and in eggs. It is a bit high in sodium and fat content though so I don’t over do it.

eeka said...

Well, yeah, it's not exactly health food. Less fat and sodium than meat though, and no cholesterol and no animal abuse, so it's an improvement at least.

Putting it in're giving me ideas!