Why the owners of ModernTribe are awesome

A few days ago I e-mailed ModernTribe to point out that their description of this seder plate was a bit homophobic; it linked to the article on My Jewish Learning about how the orange on the seder plate was originated as a symbol of gay and lesbian inclusion in the community, yet the text said it symbolized the inclusion of women. I sensed some censorship and pandering to the mainstream here, so I e-mailed them (for what it's worth, they're hardly the first to misattribute/censor this tradition, but the article even explains this and gives the more accurate explanation).

Someone e-mailed me back right away and apologized and asked me to rewrite the description. They then changed it to what I had suggested almost immediately. I definitely recommend the company, though they (like most Jewish organizations) could of course still stand to include some specifically GLBT-focused and non-white-Jews-focused products.

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Jennie said...

Thanks Erika! Any suggestions for products that are specifically lesbian, gay and non-White, are welcome.