Baby album that's same-sex/single-parent friendly, adoption friendly, AND really funny and cool

One of my many projects that I never seem to get around to is to compile a list of baby/child albums that don't assume hetero parents, female parent giving birth, child joining the family at birth, family celebrating Christian holidays, etc.

I've run across a few that are pretty plain and don't assume these things, but they were so boring and minimalist that they weren't much different from just using a photo album or blank book. I'm still on the lookout for a book that contains prompts and creative ideas, but not assumptions. Generally when looking for such books online, they don't show every page, so you can't determine from the online listing that there isn't anything on any page that assumes or excludes.

For what it's worth, I'd recommend that families don't buy or use the assumption-filled books even if their family situation does fit into the default, because it teaches kids and the people who publish these things that other types of families are invisible. It's the same as how straight people are perpetuating homophobia if they don't speak up and point out the assumption when it's assumed that their spouse is a different sex, or biological parents are perpetuating anti-adoption bias if they don't speak up when it's assumed their child is biological -- just because an assumption is correct doesn't mean it isn't hurtful to other people.

This book, from Nerdy Baby, is inclusive and interesting:

The book uses science terminology as a workaround to avoid using stereotypical language without using awkward I-spend-too-much-time-in-Cambridge-or-Berkeley language. Pretty cool. The rest of the stuff on the site is awesome and hilarious too -- I especially like the prime-number counting poster, available with two ladybugs, three kitties, 41 pieces of bacon, or in a vegan-friendly version without bacon.

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