Boston just exploded

About half an hour ago we heard an explosion so The Spousal Unit turned on the po-po scanner. Now we're listening to them talking about people calling and saying there was an explosion. Seems to have been somewhere near South Station or the Broadway Bridge. They tried to contact Amtrak and the MBTA "but the only people there are the people cleaning the trains and the buses and those people don't know anything."

Also a cop needs some tape, another one has some that the first cop can use, there is a belligerent individual at BMC, a cop is going to get some coffee, someone is missing, and a bunch of numbers.

Get outta my head

There needs to be a longassgermanword for when you have a little snippet of music show up in your head, but no melody line or drumbeat or anything that you can sing to someone to figure out what the hell it's from, because what you're hearing is mostly textures or effects or something that you can't replicate.