Let's play MBTA bingo!

Over at Universal Hub, Adam is in the process of creating an MBTA bingo game. As one might guess, most of the boxes are annoying things -- train out of service, person sprawled across two seats, and bottle rolling around. There are also some positive/funny things, like clinical studies ad, Zipcar ad, and dog.

I love people-watching as much as the next guy, and my readers should know by now that this also includes a healthy dose of snarking, but really, I think the bingo cards need more happy things to look for. The T, as with any crowded space of randomly selected people, can be quite the annoying place as it is.

Here are the ones I've submitted so far:

  • Sweet parent-child interaction
  • Quietly reading a book
  • Colorful shoes
  • Person making something
  • Classy/subtle PDA
  • Litter-picker-upper
  • Operator visible from first car
  • Person offering seat
  • Healthy snack
What others can people think of? Positive, neutral, funny, annoying, happy, etc? Go over to the thread and add away!

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Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

I'm going to share this with my husband who takes the commuter rail into the city every day, and then public transport one step further to Cambridge. He has plenty to do with a laptop, but I think he'd have some interesting things to add!